Connected mobility management for end-to-end friction-less journeys:

  • Dynamic Parking Pricing
  • Automatic traffic Counting
  • Green Light traffic Button
  • Real-Time Navigation Control
  • Taxi Demand Optimization
  • Intelligent Massive Data Filtering
  • Intelligent Auction Agent

Ximantis is on the verge of building a new kind of business whose core focus will be to continually lower the cost of sustainable transportation. At its foundation is a traffic smoothing cloud platform, with increasing congestion-avoidance technology capabilities (patented) that finally solve the congestion puzzle. On top of this, Ximantis will both operate its own intelligent route optimization traffic solution named “Mantis” and enable others to run specialized fleet platforms of their own for taxis/professional mobility providers, freight and other transportation scenarios.

The Mantis commercial platform will be designed to efficiently move passengers and cargo, offering the most flexible low-cost movement of people and goods across our roads.

The AI / Machine Learning augmented Stochastic Re-construction Module or SRM is an Intelligent, Anticipation-based, navigation platform for Autonomous Vehicles, built upon our patent-pending technology. Its key characteristic element is “anticipation.” It differentiates Ximantis from the whole block of current competitors and other hopefuls in this arena.

From the very beginning our technology was designed with the individual driver in mind. Instead of designing based on the traditional road sensor input, we chose to build our model on a moving platform: a vehicle along with its close proximity moving neighbors. We came up with a quite elegant solution to a very complex problem, worthy of scientific publications, a filing with the patent office and the eventual creation of Ximantis.

Due to the particular architecture, our technology can have a global focus, a local focus or both. The global focus managed by our cloud infrastructure through the traffic forecater app and deals with navigation for an entire trip destined for connected cars and human drivers. The local focus is managed through the SRM navigation module, self-contained part and parcel of an autonomous vehicle’s software. It deals with road-space specific steering angles for effective Autonomous vehicle navigation.

Lastly, combining AI / Machine Learning with our stochastic algorithm we are able to completely resolve local vehicle interactions and forecast an optimal driving strategy. While designed for increased travel time efficiencies and accident avoidance, our tools through the Ximantis cloud platform and the SRM combination makes for an intuitive partner in the current technology revolution.

The Ximantis SRM minimizes uncertainty by anticipating eminent risk. Stochastically analyzes and reconstructs in real time the present and future dynamics of the local traffic environment. This innovation allows precise navigation based on safety and efficiency so you can relax and enjoy the journey.

The Ximantis traffic forecaster, originally built with stochastic tools, provides highly reliable ETAs, travel-times from real-time traffic data. There is a counter of CO² emissions saved and “best time to departure” alerts for reducing drive time and fatigue in jam conditions.  By managing uncertainty you are free to make your plans.

While underway, the forecaster monitors your progress. It suggests points of interest, best routes and traffic conditions ahead, well in advance of a jam, when more navigation options are available to the vehicle operator. By removing stressful conditions you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

All current traffic solutions sooner or later exhibit a compounding inability to respond to excessive gridlock conditions. The larger the actual vehicle densities become, the larger the generated error they produce and the more unreliable solutions they offer. What Ximantis brings to the table and makes it such a unique proposition is the demonstrated fact that while, with increased density, our competitor models deviate, the Ximantis solution shows complete agreement to the exact known solution. Our stochastic approach alone is the only known case where for high densities, as navigation options demand peaks, an exact extraction solution is finally possible.

The original forecaster has been steadily upgraded with enhanced technology that now involves AI, Machine Learning and Stochastic tools to create a much more power innovation that is currently incorporated in the Mantis platform.