Test Driving Ximantis

The Ximantis App currently under testing, can provide highly reliable ETAs, travel-times from real-time traffic data. There is a counter of CO² emissions saved and Best Time to Departure alerts for reducing driver time and fatigue in jam conditions.  By managing uncertainty you are free to make your plans.

While underway, the App monitors your progress. It suggests points of interest, best routes and traffic conditions ahead, well in advance of a jam, when more navigation options are available to the vehicle operator. By removing stressful conditions you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

After successful proof of concept demonstrations in USA and MVP trials in Gothenburg, Sweden, our hybrid algorithm showed over 99% prediction accuracy for 30 minute forecasting intervals and similarly high accuracy  figures for 1 and 2-hour intervals. The XIMANTIS App for Android and iPhone, receives input from such GPS smart devices, which is then combined with other data such as Traffic Control alerts, weather reports, and user social input shared through the Ximantis online platform as user generated information.


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