Alexandros Sopasakis

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– Alexandros founded Ximantis in 2014.

– PhD Applied Mathematics Texas A&M University/ Traffic Flow Theory

– Recipient of numerous National Science Foundation (USA) grants.

– Stochastic Processes (U.C. Berkeley) / Planetary Weather (N.Y. University).

– Docent & Universitetslektor Mathematics (LTH – permanent position).


Alexandros is a leading authority in traffic flow theory. He is the founder of Ximantis and the key main actor behind the company’s technology.  He has a strong scientific track record in traffic research with 22 publications in peer reviewed journals and H-index of 12.  His areas of interest include Monte Carlo Simulations, Noise Driven Problems & SPDEs, Interacting Particle Systems, Nonlinear Kinetic Equations, Traffic Flow Theory – Stochastic Modeling and Simulations. Excluding Traffic, he has also conducted extensive research in: Biological Systems, Epidemiology, Atmospheric Science, Fluid Flows, p and hp Finite Element Methods.